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Coconut Butter is the whole flesh of the Coconut blended to perfection!

Freedom from sugary food cravings, upgrading nutritional value in treats and desserts. ‘Have your coconut butter cake and eat it too!’

Sensitive to dairy? Get creative with coconut!

Breathe freely knowing you are nourishing your brain with fatty acids and your digestive system with this high fibre, delicious, brain enhancing superfood!!

Why Coconut Butter?

There are many benefits to a spoonful of Coconut Butter a day!
It is a natural good Source of Fiber. 1 tbsp contains 8% daily value.
Coconut butter is naturally sweet and gluten free.
Original Abundance’s amazing flavour simply comes from the coconut!
There is only 5 g Carbohydrates/1 g sugar per 16 ml serving.
Coconut butter is free of sodium or salt.

Our ingredients at Living Light Coconut Tree™ are consciously sourced.

You should also know…

Studies show that Coconut butter is helpful for healthy immune and digestive system functioning.

The oil in coconut butter is a natural saturated fat made up of primarily medium chained fatty acids (MCFAs), including lauric acid. (4)  Lauric acid contains antimocrobial properties. Antimicrobial meaning antibacterial, antiviral and antiprotozoal. (3)
While coconut butter tastes creamy, it does not stimulate mucous and congestion like other creamy and sugary foods do. When I eat coconut butter, I feel clean!

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